Here at 3lb Games (or 3lb if you’re in the know) we’ve been working with virtual reality for a while, and because we’re a small company, I’ve had the chance to experiment with level design and implementation in the Unity engine. It’s a hell of a transition to go from wordswordswordsallthetime to digging in the tools and assets to create a level with flow, fun, and activity.

In the meantime, I’d like to extend a grateful salute to the level designers out there whose work should be appreciated on a much deeper level.

We have a few projects in the pipeline right now – one of them, Shattered Tower, has a demo level that’s just about ready for public consumption, and we’ll be showing that around at Oculus Connect in September. We’ve also got some training applications and other exciting developments that I’ll be happy to talk about when they’re ready to be talked about.