How about that: My very own website! We’re going to be fixing it up, moving it around, rearranging the furniture, updating the fixtures, replacing the roof, adding central air, and… well, we’ll be experimenting to see what works here.

Oh, and actual news:

  • Our first iPhone release for 3lb Games is on the way! We’re waiting on some art (the most intensive part of the app), some playtesting, and then approval from Apple. Warning: ALL KIDS LOVE THIS GAME.
  • I’m doing some more work with Paizo, cowriting an unannounced (as yet) book for the Pathfinder setting.
  • I’ll be molding young minds soon. Officially, I mean… unless the background check goes poorly.
  • Game theory and mechanics! Sorry for the teaser, but that’s all I can say until this thing gets into print