Because I am a fan of lists, here is a list of the things I want to talk about:
1. Wasteland 2
2. Pixel of Ink
3. Oathbreaker 3
4. Unnamed Future Projects

Work continues apace on Wasteland 2! That is a totally generic progress update, but I don’t want to spoil the surprises I have in store. It’s fun to read some of the forums talking about the game and think, “Oh man, am I going to disappoint the crap out of you!” (note: if the game actually does disappoint you, then I should note the previous sentence is entirely meant in jest – in fact, it’s just a lead-in to the following paragraph).

I’d forgotten how difficult it can be to do a design with multiple choices and approaches for each encounter. I’m not saying this as a complaint, mind you; it’s exhilarating and endlessly fun, like solving a puzzle at the same time you’re creating it. But players are crazy and inventive (and I mean that in a good way), and I know that some won’t feel like the game is complete unless they can assassinate someone using a homemade pigeon launcher. Actually, this just inspired me to put in an event about a boy and his dog. Spoiler: Someone has to die.

The writing is fun; the alternate scenarios are delightful; making up the crazy stuff that can happen because of the player’s actions is a hoot, and I mean that entirely in the old-timey way.

Yesterday, Pixel of Ink linked to Oathbreaker, Book 1 as a free giveaway.

My perfectly respectable 200 copies downloaded from Amazon to this point in October suddenly look a little shabby. Last night the downloads were at 2800. Before I went to bed they were at 3100. As I write this, they’ve topped 5250. That’s 5000 downloads in a single day.

I hope you will understand my reaction as being: HOLY. CRAP.

This is not intended to brag. This is my sincere appreciation for that link, and the realization that I am incredibly fortunate to have had that attention pointed my way even briefly. The sales of Book 2 have picked up, though sadly not correspondingly (I kid; I’m not sad about that at all – at least, not a mere day out from the original link). Frankly, converting 10% of those free downloads into sales would send me into gales of joy-fueled laughter, and even if the conversion doesn’t happen, 5000 new people have seen the book and may remember it in the future.

I’ll take it. Thanks, Pixel of Ink. This little post and these two words are not adequate, but they are fully true: YOU ROCK.

Yes. The Ecclesiast’s Tale. Probably not out this year; hopefully early-ish next. Depending on what happens with…

It is nice to be wanted. It is very nice to be wanted for one’s professional skills. At least, I’m assuming that it’s my skills and not my stunningly and unconventionally good looks, my roguish charm, and my inescapably foul mouth.

But I have bad news for those who want me: If I have not given you a written commitment of something, I think I’m off the table for next year. That’s because I have the aforementioned Wasteland 2, the also-mentioned Oathbreaker 3, helping produce the Numenera app, a couple books, and… well, we want to save some surprises for the future, don’t we?

And I’m not going to tease the future any more than that.

So. In summary:
None of this would be possible without people being interested in my words. I am acutely aware of this, and I am also incredibly grateful. Thank you.