So this weekend I’ll be attending ConFusion in Dearborn. It’s my first time, but I understand it’s a neat convention with lots of cool writers and guests showing up – plus they have a Science Guest of Honor, which is just neat. My pals Monte Cook and Shanna Germain will also be attending to represent Numenera and the Strange, and I’m hoping that I can peel them away from con duties long enough to show ’em around Detroit.

I’ll be sitting on a few panels (and moderating one with Myke Cole), so if you want to watch me dispense pearls of wisdom from on high (alternately: “run at the mouth until told to shut up”), here’s my schedule!

Saturday, 12 pm in Michigan — Big Top: All About Numenera and The Strange

 Monte Cook, Shanna Germain, Colin McComb

Come talk with our Gaming Guests of Honor about their award-winning RPGs Numenera and The Strange.

 Saturday, 1 pm in Huron: So You Want to Make Games, Huh?

Carrie Harris, Monte Cook, Shanna Germain, Colin McComb, Philippe McNalley, Rick Smith

From board games, to tabletop RPGs, to computer games and app-based games, come talk about the ins-and-outs of creating your own worlds and adventures.

Saturday, 3 pm in Dearborn: Are We Living in a Golden Age of Gaming? 

Phillippe McNally, Colin McComb, Aaron Thul, Sam Lippert, Shanna Germain, Monte Cook

What is gaming now, and what does it mean for both the social connections we make and the public perception of gaming in this more genre-friendly world?

Saturday, 4 pm in Southfield:Character Creation – You’re Not Just Rolling Dice Anymore

Colin McComb, Michael Marcus, Philippe McNalley, Andrew Drummer, Myke Cole

How can gamers craft compelling characters, from the PCs to the DM/GM making memorable NPCs or the Big Bad. Can you do in in a board game as well? People ask for stories/character development in video game RPGs; is it any different when you’re in charge of a piece of the narrative only (e.g. sitting at a table playing with other people) than when you’re making decisions in a video game and the rest of the world has already been set up for you?

So there you have it! Come out and I’ll do my level best to avoid spoiling Torment for you.