My pal Chris Pramas of Green Ronin started getting shoulder pain last year. I thought he might be joining me in the joy of adhesive capsulitis, aka frozen shoulder (shut up, it’s totally not just for old guys), but it turns out his malady was much more dire.

Dire enough that he needs spinal surgery to replace his vertebra.

Since health care in this country is the best in the world if you can afford it, and not so great if you can’t, he’s looking for some help in paying his medical bills. But he’s not just asking for your help, though he has provided countless hours of entertainment in a long and illustrious career. Instead, he asked for my help.

And the help of Cecil Castellucci, Christopher Robert Cargill, Richard Dansky, Ed Greenwood, Matt Forbeck, David Gaider, Steve Kenson, John Kovalic, Robin D. Laws, Jess Lebow,  John Rogers, Lucien Soulban, Melinda Thielbar, John Scott Tynes, and James Wallis.

We’re writing stories for a benefit anthology for Chris’s surgery. That’s a lot of stories. Granted, it’s also a lot of surgery– so I’m putting the word out now.

Kick in a few bucks and you get to help out a highly talented designer, AND you get some sweet stories.

Here’s the link.