So you might have seen some of the news around Torment these days. As we get closer to launch, you can probably expect to see more of it – the news, I mean. Not that I have any particular insight into the marketing plan, but since we’ve settled on Q1 2017, that’s only a few months away. It’s really exciting, but…

… but man, it’s really hard to believe we’re almost at the end of this project. No new content except where necessary for critical bug fixes, sweeping through on typo-hunts, hours playing the game… and, of course, trying to get its visibility up. Which, apparently, means that I need to go out and <shiver> talk to people. Going to Gamescom as a serious introvert – this should be entertaining.

Of course this is just me venting off some pre-show anxiety. I know on the other side of it I’ll be all relaxed about the cool people I met and the cool stuff I saw and hopefully passing along all the cool stuff people say about Torment.

Because seriously, this game looks good. It plays well. It feels like Torment. I’m so used to discussing the weirdness throughout the game that when I step back and look at it through fresh eyes, pretending that it’s new to me, I’m frankly kind of shocked by what we’ve put on display. The team has done an amazing job, and I’m proud to be part of it.

More to come from Gamescom!