I’m one week into Monte’s A+ challenge, and I’ve noticed some actual changes. For one thing, it’s a lot easier to let the small things slide by the wayside. It’s slipping into my real life as well (and fortunately, I have real life friends who are more than happy to help me vent; last weekend we went on a torches-and-pitchforks march).

Most notably, it’s helping me weather big things, and I think that has repercussions both personally and professionally. For instance:

This week, I found out that my primary freelance job has been defunded for the year. That was a fairly large chunk of money that I was using to help fund game development for 3lb Games (no link because we’re still fixing up our site. Ahem).

Boy, that sucks, right?

In one sense, absolutely. Mega-stinky. In another sense, no way. Why? Because it frees me up to work on developing the character creator app for Monte’s new game, Numenera on behalf of 3lb Games.

And it frees me up to work on another project: Wasteland 2. I cannot possibly be more excited.

So no cursing at people online? No silent seething about something I can’t change anyway? Just moving forward with a purpose and working on making cool things? Yeah.

A+, I am totally with you.