You may notice that the site looks radically different. That’s because it is. I’ve been living the high life tonight, figuring out how to install WordPress onto my server, drinking wine, cursing at my incompetence, and suddenly realizing that I had done it.

That was about half the job.

The next half of the job was importing the blog posts over from iWeb. In theory, and in ordinary mathematics, that means that I would be done. Unfortunately, having entered a strange and inexplicable region of space-time, possibly past the known continua of human experience, I still have half the job to do. I believe Achilles and the tortoise might have something to say about this.

That half-a-job is nailing down the actual look of the site and making sure that it actually reflects the way I want the site to look. I expect that will take some time, so I apologize for abrupt and sudden changes in your viewing experience, assuming that your viewing experience is in the approximate timeframe in which all of these changes are happening.

In the meantime, hey, at least I’m halfway done!