I’m happy to announce that I’m working with Larian Studios (makers of the excellent Divinity: Original Sin 2, among a host of other titles) as a senior narrative designer. The new project is really cool, the team is awesome, and they’re fully committed to making the best possible game. I am really, really excited to show it off (when the time is right).

For those curious or concerned: I finished my alpha work on Wasteland 3 (and found a little extra time for some revisions) before turning over my files. I parted on amicable terms, and I legitimately hope that the game does well. I wish everyone on the team the very best, with the hopes that we work together again someday. (also, I’m still damn proud of the work we did on Torment)

Given that I’m waking up to work with Europe at 6 am, my workday ends at 3 pm, so I’ll also have plenty of time to work on 3lb Games stuff as well. We’re updating our VR space shooter Space Dragon soon, and we’re working on another VR title that’s… well, I’ll wait til we have some GIFs to show off.

It’s looking like a fun summer.