This was sparked by George Zeits’s post about “What’s Great About Project Eternity” on Formspring (which has apparently made some sort of deal to continue).

Anyway: reading about the soul mechanics for PE combined in in my head with a Cracked article about ghost TV shows.

So the obvious question now is: in a fantasy universe with a provable afterlife and direct intervention from the gods via their priests, why would anyone who follows the tenets of their faith fear an ordinary death? Sure, if they’re fighting a soul-sucking creature or something that can divert their spirits to an alternate (and suckier) eternal destination, that becomes a pretty serious concern, but unless the faith has a specific injunction against dying early, the faithful can just look forward to spending an eternity with the god they’ve chosen.

I’m aware that they might believe their deity has a specific plan for them and are otherwise not into suffering as they die, but they wouldn’t have the nagging fear that their faith is a lie–they have certain evidence that the afterlife exists.

So now it’s a question of how people would behave. I’m assuming they wouldn’t be foolish with their lives, but I’d imagine that they’d be braver in the face of death. How would you change your life if your afterlife were certain?