That is to say, any time I have a whole lot of work to do that also isn’t the result of procrastination, that’s good news.

First, of course, is the latest draft of Book 2 of Oathbreaker, in which I’m making changes and corrections based on changes and corrections in Book 1, plus… well, Ray said that it was a really good story, but he’d like to see the characters introduced in Book 1 a little more, rather than incidental mentions. Since the series was originally intended to be one big book, it made sense to drop them to the side for a bit while introducing new characters, but now… well, now it’s essentially saying, “Okay, look at these guys. Now look over here. Remember the first guys? Yeah, look over here anyway.” So I’m sticking in a few new chapters to the existing book.

Second is the work I’m doing with Scott Gable’s Zombie Sky Press for “It Came From the Stars!”, a Pathfinder-compatible sourcebook/adventure seeds for adding spaceships, aliens, and malign creatures from the stars to your game. Since his patrons get first crack at the adventure, I can’t really reveal the details here, but it’s heavy on the clues and investigation and light on the fighting, and it has the potential to reshape the party’s campaign world, assuming the GM wants to roll like that.

Third is work on the latest 3lb Games game, which is coming along quite nicely. This one’s more of a strategy/multiplayer board game kind of thing, and I’m excited to see it coming into shape on the iPad. Right now I’m setting up behavior matrices for the AI based on how I saw humans play the paper prototype, so we’ll see how that translates to code.

And then fourth is some contracted work that involves digging into databases and changing some language strings.

All of this, I should add, takes kind of a backseat to the kids’ midwinter break and the impending snowpocalypse that descends upon us. I predict weakness from the storm, at least at my house.