Fiction (Get some here!)

Were you looking for some fiction? You’ve come to the right place.

Oathbreaker, Book 2: The Magus’s Tale
On Amazon only! But you can get Kindle for iPad or PC or Mac very, very easily.

Oathbreaker, Book 1: The Knight’s Tale
“Oathbreaker, Book 1: The Knight’s Tale” is free, free!, FREE! (assuming you can go to Goodreads or are happy with a PDF).
And you can get it in a variety of formats, just by clicking on one of these handy links.

If you want to buy it (bless you, you honest soul), you can get it at:


4 thoughts on “Fiction (Get some here!)

  1. Pingback: Colin in California

  2. Pingback: Colin in California

  3. Hello Colin,

    I have enjoyed the Oathbreaker series greatly and was hoping to glean from you when books 3 and 4 will be available. Looking forward to reading of any of your other works as well. Must tell you, I am not an easy sell for “new authors” and am glad you have proven that faith be maintained as you never know when a great new writer will rear is skill the world to see. Thanks

  4. Hi there

    Is there anywhere I can get a hard copy of The Magus’s Tale – my son really enjoyed the first book but likes to read hard copy vs e-books.


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