I’ve written a lot of stuff. Mostly games, but some fiction and technical writing (which I won’t list here). But oh, wait, did I say fiction?


Yes. You can find it on Amazon, Nook, iBooks, and Goodreads.

Dreams in Shadow, featuring Clinton Boomer, Torah Cottrill, Darrin Drader, Scott Fitzgerald Gray, Ty Johnston, Uri Kurlianchik, Colin McComb, Darren W. Pearce, and Daniel Rider.


  • Faiths of Corruption
  • Lands of the Linnorm Kings
  • Ultimate Combat
  • Faiths of Balance
  • Humans of Golarion
  • Undead Revisited
  • Rival Guide
  • Faiths of Purity
  • Ultimate Magic
  • Inner Sea Primer
  • Misfit Monsters Redeemed
  • Varnhold Vanishing
  • Gnomes of Golarion
  • Game Mastery Guide
  • Andoran, Spirit of Liberty
  • Guide to the River Kingdoms
  • Cheliax, Empire of Devils
  • Beyond the Vault of Souls


  • Taladas: The Minotaurs
  • Islands of Terror
  • Thunder Rift
  • Knight’s Sword
  • Tales of the Lance
  • The Complete Book of Elves
  • Dragon Mountain†
  • The Complete Gladiator’s Handbook
  • The Galactos Barrier
  • Deck of Encounters, Sets 1 and 2
  • Well of Worlds
  • Howls in the Night
  • Red Jack (Masque of the Red Death)
  • Ravenloft MC Appendix III: Creatures of Darkness
  • Planes of Law
  • Birthright Campaign Setting‡
  • Player’s Primer to the Outlands (CD Script)
  • Endier Domain Pack
  • Sword and Crown
  • Planes of Conflict
  • Hellbound: The Blood War
  • On Hallowed Ground
  • Faces of Evil
  • The Great Modron March

† Origins Award for Dragon Mountain: Best Role-Playing Adventure of 1993.
‡ Origins Award for Birthright: Best Role-Playing Supplement of 1995.

Planescape: Torment**
Fallout 2
Rock’n’ Roll Racing 2: Red Asphalt
Caesar’s Palace II

** Planescape Torment : Game of the Year, Best RPG of the Year, Best Story of the Year


  • “Now the Twist” – 12-column series on game design
  • Kobold’s Guide to Game Design, Vol 3

RYL: Path of the Emperor (Planetwide Games)
Beyond Countless Doorways***
Outburn Magazine – Music news, reviews, and interviews (issues 7-11)
M.K. Ultra Magazine – Music news, reviews, and interviews (issues 7-9)

***Beyond Countless Doorways: Silver ENnie for Best Supplement and an Honorable Mention for Best Writing.*